Go Inside the Lamborghini Museum With Google Street View


Prepare to have your afternoon wasted. Lamborghini has opened up its Sant’Agata museum to the all-seeing eyes of Google Street View, and not only can you see 50 years of Lamborghini hotness, you can actually get inside some of the marque’s most legendary machines.

Covering 16,000 square feet over two floors, you’ll get an eyeful of everything Lamborghini has ever made, including the Miura SV, Countach, Diablo, LM002 SUV, and concepts. Even better, several vehicles have their interiors mapped, so you can get a 360-degree view of the insane interior of the Sesto Elemento concept, do your best Rocky impression inside the LM002, or bask in the carbon fiber glow of the Reventon. Scale models, V12s, and even a marine engine are included in the exhibit, and all it takes is a click — far cheaper than a round-trip ticket to Italy.maxresdefault



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