Crystal Mountain

There are plenty of skiing resorts and piste routes on Street View, but we’ve picked out just one: Crystal Mountain resort in Washington state.

Crystal Mountain is a mountain and alpine ski area in the western United States, in the Cascade Range of Washington, southeast of Seattle.

Located in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Crystal is the largest ski resort in the state and is readily accessible from the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area through Enumclaw via Highway 410. It is primarily a day-use area, with nine chairlifts, various dining locations, and multiple hotels. Crystal is home to the Mt. Rainier Gondola; installed in 2010, it provides year-round access to the resort’s summit and is the state’s only high-speed gondola.Crystal Mountain is owned and operated by Boyne Resorts, a private Michigan-based resort company.

The ski resort is located in the valley of the Silver Creek, a tributary of the White River, and on the east and north east slopes of Crystal Mountain. The main summit of Crystal Mountain, also called Silver King, is 7,002 ft (2,134 m) high in the summer (NAVD88 elevation) and is the highest land in a 5-mile (8 km) radius. Subsidiary peaks on the north ridge of Silver King are The Throne (6,861 ft (2,091 m)), Silver Queen (ca. 6,990 ft (2,130 m)), Grubstake Point (ca. 6,875 ft (2,095 m)) and North Way Peak (6,780 ft (2,065 m)). The latter three can be reached by ski lifts, and the resort has a Summit House on a shoulder just south of Grubstake. The summits offer an unobstructed view of Mount Rainier, which is less than 13 miles (20 km) west-south-west.

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Source: Wikipedia


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